Wednesday, July 29, 2009

now i've got to come up with a post title too?

So, I've been wanting to make a little blog for a while now, and the thing that's stopped me has been a title.

I don't know why, but I'm so very not good at titles. When my short story Shanghaied was published in the book Portland Noir this summer, my proposed title, which I agonized over for a long time, was so boring the editor chose a title for me. I've been walking around trying to come up with some perfectly ingenious name for my blog that would totally exemplify me and all that I love in this world, throwing out all sorts of lofty stuff, chickening out with all the lofty stuff because it felt like I was trying to say I had a lofty brain, paging through favorite old books for quotes, forgetting I was looking for quotes and just reading instead...

Then last night, with a half hour between Lana Turner and picking up Stephen, I just decided to cut the lofty and the name of my blog would be The Name Of My Blog.

The idea of that made my brain happy. I jumped on the site and put it in.



Alright, then... My Blog Has No Name.


I started just throwing random stuff out.


Taken? Really?

I don't remember all the weird, random stuff I threw at the blog engine - Blogus Titlus... My Blog Really, Really Has No Title... Mrs. Mollywoggle And Her Poodle, Captain Stud (no, I didn't actually try that one), but time was a-wasting. Somehow since I'd started this, I decided I had to find a name before I left to pick my husband up from work. At the last moment I tossed out something that had been rolling around in my brain the whole time I'd been trying to come up with a title. Something I'd kept coming back to but kept discarding because it seemed too... yes, lofty.

And lo and behold, whaddya know, surprise-surprise, and yada yada yada.

So, I took it.

So, now I have a blog with a title. And I get to agonize over blog post titles whenever I want!


  1. Good job! Though Captain Stud might have been nice, too.

    So, are you going to translate it for the non-ancient Romans?


    PS - How come you don't have the thing where you have to type in some made-up word, so you don't get spam? Yes, I know there's a word for that.

  2. As a non ancient roman I have a thought as to what it means.. but I'm probably wrong.. but, whatever it means.. I'm going to enjoy your blog!!

  3. Ancient Roman? Where's Frank when you need him

  4. He's only 33! Jeez, Don, you're so age-ist!

  5. Was bloggydoki taken? If so I would sue for copyright infringement...

  6. Oh my god, bloggydoki! How did I used to spell it? -dacky, I think. Does it work as well? Bloggydacky? Oh my god! I'm going to check right now!

  7. YAY me! Well, I am going to call this site your bloggydacky no matter what because 1)I have no idea what the title means and 2) haven't a clue how to pronounce it. . .

  8. blog title explanation coming soon. would've done it today, but then we watched trog, and i couldn't not write about it.