Monday, September 7, 2009

tattoo part three

It was in these very hills that I got my first tattoo.


But when people see my tattoo for the first time, they usually ask me what it says or what language it's in.

I say, "It's in Dnalsjian."

Saeshan ni'shou means water in the sand, and it's written in a language my brother created - actually one of many. Frank has created an entire world, with whole histories, maps, myths and folktales, ecosystems...

Seems like he's used every avenue possible in his ongoing fleshing out of this world. He's written stories, drawn creatures, plants and landscapes, made globes, written music - one time he took an old dining room table and painted the map of the world across it. The smaller lettering in my tattoo was taken from his writings.

Frank's latest medium is computer art. The picture at the top of my post is somewhere in the hills of Old Minzaron. Which, for all you travelers out there, is on the continent of Mersinoe, which is north of Dnalsj.

One of the things I love the most about his work, beyond the skill in it of course, is how he's able to create landscapes that seem equally real and alien.

Here's one more.

And here's what Frank says about the tasty treats in the picture:

"...their fleshy meat, though pungent, is considered a delicacy to many peoples in the region. Wealthy aristocrats from distant nations will pay exorbitant amounts to have it shipped great distances to be prepared at their courts....personally I'm not a big fan, but then again, I have simple tastes."

These small images don't do the pieces justice, of course. Click to enlarge and really see the detail. Then visit his Renderosity page here.


  1. Great post.

    I wish I could say Frank got some of his artistic talents from me, but we both know that if I did Lisa Simpson would jump right out of the monitor and say "he lied, he lied".

  2. Ditto what Dad said.. I love watching the evolution of Frank's world.. and that dining room table was such fun.. I think it's undergoing another transformation...