Tuesday, October 13, 2009

the top (and the rest) of virginia woolf's head. part two.

This one goes out to the lovely Xtine who asked that I give a before and after to show what I did to Virginia Woolf's head.

OK, so don't get excited. There was very little photoshopping in this operation. I just needed a complete head of Virginia Woolf for something at Powell's, and all I could find, in keeping with Powell's policy on where we can attain graphics online, was a photo with the tip cut off.

exhibit a.

So, here she is with the top of her head painted back in with the simple, simple process of using the clone brush.

Also, the photo was quite small, so after I restored the top of her head, I had to figure out how to blow it up without ending up with nothing but pixels. In Adobe Illustrator there's an application you can use to basically trace an existing image. By tracing the photo, I got this...

which definitely doesn't look photo-perfect, but it'll blow up much bigger and I figure it'll look like some cool arty effect I've applied. Here's a closeup so you can see what it looks like large.


OK, then I applied some color to it

and - wait for it - here she is in her final incarnation

as part of the grand campaign of famous literary figures from history coming together to sell Powell's t-shirts. Here's a bonus. Chekhov, Poe and Angelou joining ranks to support the cause.

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  1. Good work. BTW, I have a couple of programs (thanks to giveawayoftheday) that do a really great job of increasing the size of a picture. Let me know next time and we can see how they do.