Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Stephen's new show is up today. We celebrated this weekend with champagne and Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers films. Which is perfectly appropriate because, though Stephen's series of paintings is eighteenth century themed, the artistry has a Fred Astaire elegance and a Ginger Rogers flair. And anyway Stephen got to pick, and that's what he wanted to watch.

So eager to see the paintings up on the gallery walls. We're going to take a quick trip down when I get off work today. But the artist events aren't until December. Here's the information - and it comes from Stephen's website, which is also brand new. Have a look! Here's the homepage.

That piece at the top of the post? That's:

Monsieur le prince - acrylic on panel - 12x12 - 2009

and it already has a buyer. Huzzah!

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