Friday, December 31, 2010


Worst Beatles lyric ever:

When I'm getting home tonight, I'm gonna hold her tight,
I'm gonna love her till the cows come home.

*shake it up baby now doesn't count because it was written by Bert Berns and Phil Medley, who was the brother of our pool guy. Or something.


  1. come on, go easy that's early beatles. they were still working it out.

  2. I say it with love. I say it with love.

  3. not as bad as their cover of "My Bonny Lies Over the Ocean"...

  4. No worst is:

    You better run for your life, little girl
    Catch you with another man
    That's the end.


  5. Yes, I've often wondered, what was he thinking? Was this something he thought would turn on his young female fans? Was it meant as a "story" of some violently jealous "character"?

    Side note--talking about bad writing, like in the "cows come home" line: "Run For Your Life" has some pretty bad grammar in it...

    I'd rather see you dead, little girl,
    than to be with another man.

    Unless he's telling her he's homicidally afraid of his homosexuality, this lyric needs an edit.