Thursday, October 6, 2011


Liz and Bridget over at Pocket Shrink have shared the Versatile Blogger Award with me. Thanks so much, ladies.

In turn, I was asked to do three things:

1) Kiss my dog on the head
2) Go to work dressed in a 1938 Naval officer's uniform and a natty, little hat with a chartreuse feather
3) Eat a cucumber sandwich with the crusts cut off

Oh, sorry.

1) Thank the awarder and link back to him/her
2) Share 7 things about yourself
3) Pass on this award to 15 blogs you've discovered

Well, thanks again, Liz and Bridget. Right back atcha [as you'll see below]. Here are seven random things about me...

~When I was very young, I and a friend stole some sort of candy from a convenience store, and then I immediately went home and told my mom, hey, guess what Shannon taught me you can do. This was not an excuse. I really did think it was OK.

~When I'm in the shower, my dog Nicholas stands on the other side of the curtain with his paws on the edge of the tub and makes noises like a baby pig.

[bonus picture, not at bathtub...]

~I like cucumber sandwiches with the crusts cut off.

~Some of the production costumes I wore as a circus clown were: convict, policeman [with detachable pants], bullfight patron [with sombrero], nurse [with balloon boobs], racehorse and rider [the bottom half of me was the horse], and Bill Clinton.

~When I was a kid, my best friend was afraid of rubber alligators. I was afraid of earthquakes, house fires, making friends and being noticed all by myself at school.

~One of my dream careers would be designing book covers.

~I fell in love with my husband first in the form of art, then in the form of words, then in the form of voice, and lastly in person.

And here is my list of 15 cool blogs. 

Pocket Shrink - a daily bit of counsel from two smart, insightful [and entertaining] psychologists.

SHARE - a bi-monthly Portland event that gathers a group of artists to create in a shared space. I've attended this event a few times and it's great, creative fun.

Nora - lovely local writer who's plugged into the arts and literary scene in Portland.

Confessions of a Pop Fan - Jamie S. Rich is a graphic novel writer [loved his very noir You Have Killed Me] who also writes great film reviews.

The Old Foodie - an excellent food history blog.

Recently Banned Literature - a very prolific poet / artist who also writes musings on life and old books.

Bags of Wind - blog of a Portland filmmaker. A great mix - some film stuff, some personal stuff, plus links to his very funny "Last Film I Saw" podcasts.

Guts and Shame - I love personal blogs, and the best kind is one written by a good writer - like this one.

Laura Stanfill - great stuff on the art of writing, plus her cool Seven Questions interview series.

Corgiodyssey - meet Dr. Jenkins!

Kevin - if you didn't read A Common Pornography, you should. Right now. - personal writing with an amazing sense of voice.

Post-Apocalyptic Bohemian - musings both personal and universal, including great posts on birthdays in gay history.

Advanced Style - "Proof from the wise and silver haired set that personal style advances with age" - so charming.

and the inimitable Reading Local: Portland.

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