Thursday, March 1, 2012

josé night

Last night we celebrated José Day with dinner and a movie. And champagne. We each made a toast for the evening once we opened the Veuve Clicquot. Stephen's was something like:
"To all good cats - I mean dogs! To all good dogs and cats."

Mine was something like, "To giving a dog a good life." Which was for what I hoped I did for José and what I knew we'd do for Nicholas.

To wit: Nicholas' treat for the evening. Most of the pot roast was Stephen's treat for the evening, but a little was chopped up in a bowl to be put down for Nicholas to enjoy before we retired to the bedroom for our dog movie. Videorama didn't have Lassie Come Home, so we ended up with the very wonderful Best In Show.

Of course, I took pictures. Of course, Stephen art directed those pictures.
[a bit of nice pot roast and an ornamental glass of champagne, which nicholas didn't even glance at.]
[oh, yes. he liked it.]
[he wasn't anywhere near as impressed with the tiny taste of veuve clicquot stephen dribbled into the bottom of the bowl.]


  1. I love that first picture.. Nicholas is so intent on what Stephen is doing! Best In Show.. what a great choice!!!

  2. The dawg won't drink the Veuve?! Maybe he's not really my son - paternity test?!