Wednesday, April 4, 2012

a moment in the day: dishes

Pizza and champagne and Dana Andrews. The movie is "The Best Years of our Lives." Every time I see Dana Andrews, I think about Noni and how once she told me a story about a friend who had dated Dana Andrews' brother and how he looked just like the actor. And how Noni started the story by asking, "Do you know who Dana Andrews was?" and I said yes and was proud.

Pizza and champagne and a warm curl of sleeping dog against my legs under the covers... I start to drift. I fall asleep.

When I come to, wondering how much of the movie I've missed, I hear clinking somewhere behind me, and in the reflected light on the bay window ahead, I see Stephen in the kitchen, alternately watching the movie from far away and trying quick to get the dishes done so that when the movie is over, I can go right to bed.


  1. Just so everyone knows, we own a copy of the movie and have seen it several times. Don't want people to think we're dissing this great film and Dana Andrews' really remarkable performance by being terrible sleepy-heads.

    And. We have this thing: G does the breakfast dishes, and I do the dinner ones. (The ones in the middle of the day do themselves, apparently.) But since we've had Nicholas, G always does the dinner dishes while I'm out giving the dawg the final airing of the day. (That's another thing: She always does the first walkies, and I do the last.) So she's really cheating, doing the dinner dishes, doing more than her share. So every once in a while I try to sneak in some evening dishwashing; if she's fallen asleep, what's she gonna do?

  2. So sweet, you two :) I love this story because whenever I see a Gene Kelly movie it makes me think of the story my dad tells about taking dance classes when he was a little boy from a young, pre-stardom Gene Kelly at Kelly's small dance studio in Pittsburgh.

  3. Charming peeks into your life-always so fun and sweet.