Monday, July 30, 2012

average size

I've been working on a writing project about glaziers in the U.S. - a subject I didn't know much about before now. In fact, before a couple weeks ago, I probably wouldn't have known that glaziers work with glass at all.

Last night, working on the intro to a section, I wanted the image of a hypothetical glazier working on the side of a building, and I realized I didn't know what the average size of an office window is, or even if there is an average size for an office window. Good old Google: on impulse, I clicked over to Google and popped in the first three words of my question - but before I could get to the windows, a drop-down box told me what Google thinks the average person wants to know the average size of...


  1. I just saw Sue yesterday and she told me about your projects..this is so cool...I could NEVER do something like that..but you can make anything fun to read about..much like Monica Drake and that story about the silverware drawer:D.
    Love this "average size search" stuff!!!

  2. wow, thanks, kat. i don't know if i can live up to the comparison, but i sure like hearing it. :)

    it's a very interesting project and sue is an absolute fount of knowledge.