Friday, September 21, 2012

a clown from a small town

His hands are sculpted from felt and wax. His nose is basalt. His belly and his head are oak galls, which are abnormal outgrowths on oak trees, often inhabited by insects. His pants are sewn from a small piece of vintage fabric. His tongue is felt from inside a piano.

He contains story upon story. Maybe this is why Clown from a Small Town, the art piece we bought recently, has such humanity.

[it's also because of the humanity bursting from his maker, portland artist lisa kaser. take a look at more of her sculpture here.]


  1. What a nice homage to this little guy-I am so incredibly glad that you and Stephen are his caretakers. You had asked what his ears were made of and I don't think I shared with you that I recently came upon a stash of these "pods" not too long ago. They were scattered about underneath a great cedar tree! With pockets full, I went home and looked up the tree. It is Calocedrus decurrens or commonly known as incense cedar.

    Love your writing, Gigi. It is the best.