Saturday, May 18, 2013

a moment in the day: post-op

It's the day after the surgery. Evening. Stephen's in bed with his leg in the brace and up on piled pillows. It's late but he hasn't eaten since he's been nauseous and somewhat heart-burny, maybe because of the pain medication, maybe because of all the lying on his back. On the TV is Montgomery Clift in a priest costume. We've paused the film to tend, again, to the after effects of Stephen's fall of two weeks ago. Ice pack for the knee. Ice pack for behind his back since he threw his back out somewhere between the first and third physical therapy sessions. Water for the latest thing, the twelve-hour bout of nearly ongoing hiccups.

I hand him the glass. He takes it with his good hand - which is the sore hand but at least not the one connected to the broken elbow.

"So, my nose is getting stuffed up, too," he says.

"You have gout yet?" I ask.



  1. Looking up to see a priest can be disconcerting when you are on painkillers. I know.

  2. Wow - I am so sorry to hear of these Job-like trials and tribulations! Very best wishes for speedy healing of each and every ailment, and may the gout stay far away.... -Debby G.

  3. Heh! Unless it's Mongomery Clift.