Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Everything leads me to thee.

A key line in the Norma Shearer film Marie Antoinette. It is engraved in the ring she presents to Tyrone Power, and she recites the line to him as a sort of love pact early on in their relationship. I was looking for a good bit of the Shearer-Power dialogue for a Valentine's Day card I was making for Stephen, and it seemed fitting.

I jotted the line down on a tiny piece of paper and took it with me, along with the graphic I'd photoshopped for the card, to work, where I could put it all together without him seeing. Thought myself mighty clever in all this until he arrived at work and came to my desk to say hi and there was the tiny piece of paper with the line scribbled on it, for him to see.

I also bought a bit of Valentines chocolate for him when I was picking up a birthday present for a friend at a highline chocolate shop downtown called Cacao. Again thinking me plenty clever, taking the little box for Stephen out of the bag and hiding it away - and then leaving the receipt for him to see.


In the end, the card had "Everything leads me to thee" on the outside and then on the inside...

Stephen as Norma, of course, and I got to be Tyrone Power.

Lovely Valentine's Day--kooky cards, champagne, morels, shiitakes and oyster mushrooms in port wine cream sauce, Chet Baker, crema Catalana and Busby Berkeley. Stephen doing the cooking AND the cleaning. And here is the card he made for me...