Thursday, February 4, 2010


Here's a shot of the top panel of my February window display for my friend Kevin Sampsell's new memoir. He let me borrow some old family photos - some in the book and some not. Click on the image to enlarge if you'd like to see, among other things, Kevin's bushy-haired eight-year-old school photo and Kevin's house on fire - one of the many stories in the book.

There are more photos in the lower part of the display, which I'll have to post once I can get a shot or two of it.

Oh, and the blank area on the right is where I've set a copy of the book in front, in the window.

[that's a clumsy little sentence. i'll bet he gets teased by his friends.]

It's been really fun following along with the progress of this book and sharing in Kevin's excitement. Tuesday night was his very first reading for the book - at Powell's on Burnside - and I have to admit, I sat myself and my party front row center for it. With as emotional a night as it was for him, he read his pieces and presented his excellent slideshow with charm and great timing and topped the evening off with an on-the-knee proposal to his seven-year (was it seven-year?) love. Stephen and I were talking later about how similar their story was to ours - yes, great things can come out of one simple fan email.

Take a jaunt over to Kevin's website for a blog post about the night, plus pictures and even a bit of video. More info on his tour is there as well.

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