Tuesday, April 13, 2010

pacific northwest reader countdown #4

Of course, how can there be an anthology of essays about the Pacific Northwest without mention of the big dude of these here parts...

Here's the very memorable opening to Matthew Simmons' "Bigfoot Calls."

"A blind man tells me that Seattle has the Bigfoot. When he tells me, I am not sure that this is entirely accurate, but feel it is best to play along."

Isn't that the best? Ladies and gentlemen, anything can happen from here.

Matthew Simmons is the author of the novella
A Jello Horse (Publishing Genius Press, 2009).
He is The Man Who Couldn’t Blog (themanwhocouldntblog.blogspot.com), interviews editor for the journal Hobart (hobartpulp.com), and a regular contributor to HTML Giant (htmlgiant.com). He lives in Seattle with his cat, Emmett.

[i think emmett is a lovely name for a cat.]

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