Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Mini-story improvised by cell phone. We meet our heroes in the middle of a back and forth in which I've bugged out on a proposed plan to hang out with my brother. [notice he's the one who texts with proper english and i'm the one doing txt spk.] The action begins...

[Frank] Just remember, not only do I know where you live, I have a key... so beware!

[Me] Release the hounds!

[Frank] I'm stealthy like a ninja. I fear no hounds.

[Me] OK. I hide under bed. Theres not much room under here with the books & wedding dress & joses old bed & - whoa - what the hell is that!

[Frank] It's me... I already snuck in!

[Me] Eep!

[Frank] ::sinister laughter::

[Me] Theres a tussle. Books fly out. As the dust clears (there's lots of dust undr there) Im standing unharmed & u crawl out in my wedding dress.

[Frank] I'm just as deadly in lace as I am in black...


  1. I must state for the record that the wedding dress in question fits no physique in the world save that displayed by Ms. Little. Her distinctly bulkier brother could not possibly even begin to cover himself with this garment, and his resulting state of undress would take this tale in an altogether shocking and inappropriate direction.

    Finally, while said brother may indeed look fetching in lace, said wedding dress incorporates no such trimming.

    Yours respectfully,
    Monsieur Etienne, couturier