Wednesday, May 12, 2010

pacific northwest reader window display

I love the fact that both books with my work in them, that I've had the privilege of creating a window display for, have been visually beautiful books. Makes my job extra fun. I get to make my display not only a tribute to the book but to its cover art--just as a good piece of cover art is a tribute to the book nested inside.

The Pacific Northwest Reader's cover--and all the rest of its physical layout--are the work of Ecco's Greg Mortimer. Who, like the rest of the contributors, offered up his eye and his hand gratis, to benefit the ABFFE--the American Booksellers For Free Expression. Here's my take on his lovely cover. The two pieces below are the top and then the bottom panel of the display--in jpeg form since photos of window displays, with all the glass glare, just never do the display honor.

The empty space in the lower right-hand corner of the top panel is where the actual copies of the book go. In fact: shiny, glare-y photo in entirety below...

There was a little girl wandering around the Powell's porch, an hour before opening time, as I was taking my pictures. Mother sitting up against the adjoining wall like they were camped out. I kind of hoped to capture the little girl's reflection somewhere in my pictures, but I didn't.

Alright, one more shot, this one from inside. That great display space in the Purple Room, directly at the top of the stairs.

[i love love love greg's use of slant. to see more of me loving the use of slant you can go here.]

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  1. Love this--thanks so much for doing it! I'll be reposting to RLP and my own blog