Tuesday, June 1, 2010

pnw at powells and haida art

Thought I'd create a window display celebrating the Pacific Northwest for the month of June at the City of Books. Powell's has a number of cool PNW-related sections throughout the store, including a PNW featured area in the Orange Room and a PNW Mysteries section in the Gold Room. I used the window display mostly to point out where these different sections are, but also to highlight some books and some cool non-book items we have that are decorated with some very slick haida art.

For the graphic, I put together a bit of my own haida-esque art, using Adobe Illustrator. Below is a quick image of it, excluding the blank red space below that provides the backdrop for the books I displayed.

Of course, my aim was to put together a window display, not spend time having fun learning about haida art--but I'd love to learn more about this style. For example, the very particular design elements that look like symbols embedded in the imagery. One of the most interesting things is how one animal might have many different faces set in its body. And eyes, eyes, eyes everywhere. As if saying life is always connected to life. It's an odd and particular poetry.

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