Thursday, October 14, 2010

the body show benefit: spotlight on matt bors

Over on Nora Robertson's page, she's going to be putting out a few pre-show teasers for her upcoming event The Body Show Benefit, in the days leading up to November 3rd. As one of a bunch of really cool participants in that event (I'm not meaning to call myself really cool, but it would take too much early morning effort to restructure the sentence to take the me out of that part), I thought it would be fun to re-post them here.

I think we should call these posts...

Here, in Nora's voice, is #1: Matt Bors.

Portland cartoonist Matt Bors recently traveled to Afghanistan with Ted Rall to cover the state of the country. I happened to catch his and Ted’s panel presentation at Wordstock and was super intrigued by their experiences as the sole team of unimbedded journalists covering this conflict in a place where no one, literally no one, goes on the streets at night. There was one leg of the trip where they had to fly over despite the excellent condition of the roads because even at I believe it was $2,500 the two were offering to take them, it was not worth it to the driver. If he was caught with Matt and Ted, the driver would be killed, and if he was caught on the way back, he’d be robbed of the cash and his car. One lady from the audience: how do you get there? Do you have to have special permission? Ted and Matt: You just go! It’s an ally to the US. Though the State Department will tell you not to.

To see more of Matt Bors, albeit in a less serious context, catch him as a contestant in the Voodoo doughnut contest in the upcoming Body Show Benefit on Nov. 3rd at Someday Lounge, eating doughnuts creatively. Judged by Tres Shannon, Tiffany Lee Brown and Shannon Wheeler. Door at 7PM, 7:30-9:30PM, $5-15 sliding scale.

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