Saturday, October 23, 2010


So, I realized this morning one of the coolest things about the movie Killer Bait. Which I saw under the title of Too Late For Tears, but how can someone call a film noir Too Late For Tears...

I love this film--well, half of it. The half that consists of Lizabeth Scott and Dan Duryea and Arthur Kennedy I love love love. The half that consists of Don DeFore and Kristine Miller is limp limp limp. But the man crush I have on Lizabeth Scott

and the girl crush I have on Dan Duryea

so make up for it that when I think about that movie, all I think is I love it. Then I think, oh yeah, there's the stuff about the sister. And then I forget about that stuff and want to put the DVD on.

Anyway, suddenly it occurred to me this morning that one of the coolest things about that film is that Jane Palmer (Lizabeth Scott), who wants so much to have money so that she can wear lovely dresses and furs and not feel poor and worthless around other people, has to hide the lovely dresses and furs she buys with her ill-gotten gains under the sink in the kitchen so her husband won't find out... so even with all the money, she doesn't even have what she really wants.


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