Sunday, January 30, 2011

new workspace pictures

So many great improvements to the Merchandising Space at Powell's. I had Stephen take a few pictures with his phone on Saturday. One great idea he had was this corral for foam core signs on the right. (For the signs that have come out of the windows and can be used by merchandisers for projects in their rooms.) It's built so that I can store boxes below. All this stuff used to be stacked or leaned up against walls.

On the left in front of the white board is another new addition. Storage for rolled paper and posters and other long, thin items. Again: in the past? Leaned up against walls. Or stuffed in the corner behind my desk.

Then moving to the left, there's the little nook where my desk sits. That all used to be open. The new shelving unit and the semi-wall of wood create another corral for foam core signs (my stuff, which used to be leaned up against the wall behind my desk chair).

The little picture of the bunny came with the shelving unit. Powell's, on the floor and off, is full of stuff like this, where employees have put their mark on things. I love that, and wonder who put the bunny picture up and where the shelf was, then.

Moving into the little nook where my desk is, you can see (if you look hard hard hard) how I've started putting my own mark on the new area. The picture in the corner of the shelf, there, is Maxx and Zoë.

I love this little work surface built into the wall...

Open it up...

...and work on your panels for window displays.

Here's my nook for signs and other supplies. Including the three sock monkeys made specially for last year's Banned Books display and, on the right below them, the dried-up, petrified apple.


  1. thanks for the pictures!! No close up of the petrified apple?