Thursday, January 6, 2011


This morning, getting prepared to drive the two newest paintings up to Seattle for the Exquisite Allegory show at Winston-Wächter Fine Art Gallery,

Stephen said, "Did you say goodbye to the paintings in the living room?"

It's a strange day when the paintings leave. First they're in the studio, coming to life, from tiny sketch to drawing to painting-in-progress. Then they're sitting out in the living room, propped up against the couch like guests. Like more than guests since they were born in this place. While they live with me, I'm like the proud step-mother. Or the aunt who doesn't have children of her own but loves them and wants to give them presents and put their hair up in pigtails.

You forget that suddenly they're going to be all grown up and then they're going to be gone.

The show opens next Wednesday, January 12th.

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