Saturday, July 16, 2011

new workspaces part two - the ladies who watch over me

One of the lovely outcomes of moving our spaces around in the apartment was the way decorating and redecorating made these spaces our own. I've been known to do my writing anywhere. From the makeshift "desk" in the living room of recent days, to vans and tents and sleeper trucks when I was in the circus. I think in those circus years, I sort of forgot about what nesting can do to you personally and to your art.

When we got all the furniture and accessories settled, Stephen had to do a little nudging, actually, to get me off my tuffet and into the task of nesting in my new area. Together, we put up a few pieces of his art in the room, over the couch and by the joint computer - and he reminded me of a couple prints that in the past I had said I'd someday like to frame and hang.

Once everything was up on the walls, I noticed something. Now when I write, I have a circle of women like muses around me...

The tempestuous Norma

A couple of not-so-tempestuous but quite fashionable ladies of Stephen's creation

The lovely and glamorous Medusa (also of Stephen's creation)

And, ladies and gentlemen, standing behind me and watching over my shoulder, the inimitable Bette Davis.

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