Saturday, September 3, 2011

pocket shrink

Recently, I created a banner graphic for the new blog Pocket Shrink. I love the problem-solving you have to do in taking an existing space shape, an existing picture and a specific set of text and fitting it cohesively and attractively together. There's also the added element of tone. What kind of look would work best for this particular blog? What can I do with color, what can I do with font? It's definitely not as easy as you'd think.

Here's the final product.

The blog is equal parts psychology and writing, two of my favorite subjects. I've been privileged to witness parts of the book Pocket Shrink as it's been taking shape, and it's lovely. Totally accessible, totally smart writing, discussing issues for which we could all use a bit of "shrink" in our lives. The blog is like a daily dose of the book on a smaller scale. A Pocket Pocket Shrink. Check it out and follow if you so desire! Here's a link!

1 comment:

  1. I just discovered this blog. I was immediately drawn in to the lovely banner. And then I find out you designed it. It's an excellent blog. Must buy book.