Friday, September 9, 2011


This month, I got to create my first real window display in... too long. So excited because it's touting not only Banned Books Week (coming up at the end of this month) but a new graphic novel illustrated by Portland artist (and friend) Jonathan Hill.

The book is called Americus and deals with the issue of banned books. You can check the book out here but if you're a Portlander, I'd encourage you to come down to the downtown store and have a look at this month's gallery show, which features every single illustration Jonathan drew for the book.

For the window display, Jonathan gave me an image for a poster he created - I think he put it together for a comicon - and I incorporated that into the panel. Can I just say how satisfying it was to put together a window display again? My little show-off image below includes an image of the book cover, but in the real window, the actual book is displayed there in front of the panel. The display will be up the whole month of September. The art show will be as well. Also, check out Jonathan's website here.

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