Saturday, December 17, 2011

a taste of the frozen moment: ADVENTURES OF A MAYA QUEEN

[the book is THE FROZEN MOMENT. the publication date is DECEMBER 17th. here's a little TASTE of one of the stories...]


It was late in the morning when we arrived at Tikal. Most tourists got to the ruins early, at sunrise, because the pyramids were built to be seen with the sun rising or setting or at some other perfect point in the sky. But it’s hard to get there that early, really, when you begin in Belize and eat breakfast first at that little café in San Ignacio, the one that’s painted yellow and pink and has a three-legged dog sleeping outside.

“I’m calling him Franz,” I said, and fed him a sausage link. A dance troupe of fleas hip-hopped on his head.

“That thing’s mangy.” Peter peered over the top of his Peterson’s Field Guide. “I don’t think you should feed it. As a matter of fact, I don’t think you should name it.”

[Liz Prato's work has been nominated for four Pushcart-prizes and appeared in several publications, including Iron Horse Literary Review,, Subtropics, Hunger Mountain, ZYZZYVA and Who’s Your Mama (Soft Skull Press). When she’s not teaching as an Associate Fellow at the Attic Institute, she fantasizes about Guatemalan limeade.]

Liz will be reading along with contributors Tom Spanbauer, Michael Sage Ricci, Margaret Malone, Charles Dye, J. W. Griffith, Mary Wharff and Brad Rosen on December 17th at The Woods. The facebook event is here. Books will be available at the event. You can also order books through Publication Studio here.

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