Monday, May 28, 2012

cleaning out

Not last Saturday but the Saturday before, I cleaned out my desk and workspace at the Powell's Burnside store. [I know, I'm very late in posting this - no time...] Going through my workspace was the kind of excavation you'd expect from a hoarder like me. Since I got the job of In-Store Merchandising and Promotions Coordinator in 2008, I've been hanging onto supplies and objects I figured might come in handy at some point in my work. Along with these things were souvenirs of these last five years of my life including favorite little signs or shelf talkers I'd made, a couple of the panels from my favorite window displays, a slip of packaging from when Harper Collins sent me a box of Chocodiles to thank me for a display I put together [which i wrote about here], shelf talkers from when Portland Noir was a New Favorite...

All of these souvenirs I put in a box to take home or over to my new desk in the Marketing Department. I took down everything I'd tacked to my cubicle walls, the pictures of Maxx and Zoë and Noni, promo postcards from Stephen's art shows, a page torn out of a film noir calendar. Walking down to the car after that Saturday's work day, carrying my box, I told Stephen, "I'm taking this stuff to another desk, but it still feels like I'm fired." Just the act of carrying a box.


Above: another of the souvenirs I took with me. Three sock monkeys made for me for a display by fellow Powell's merchandiser Christopher Johnson. [i wrote about it and showed off pictures here.]

Here's a list of things I hoarded to use again in merchandising but never did:

Various old signs with out-dated graphics we were never going to put up again.

A long [long] multicolored paper chain.

A string of paper ladybugs [tangled].

Garland I made out of cupcake cups [crumpled].

A box with gold gift wrap.

Replacement Christmas light bulbs [tell me you don't have those in your house].

Little suction cups that go to nothing.

And these:

A gazillion paper flowers I printed and cut out and laminated and cut out, back in probably 2007 for a spring display in the Red Room, which were in a file folder in my desk lo these five years.

Yes, I threw away [most] everything.

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