Wednesday, May 2, 2012

sellwood sky

I've written in apartments and houses, in vans and motor homes, in hotel rooms and dressing rooms and circus tents [but not in coffee shops... i can't write in coffee shops], but this was the first time I've really given myself a writing retreat. It was only two days, but it was a wonderful change of pace and I got a lot of good work done and enjoyed myself immensely besides.

Here's where I went. Sellwood Sky.

front door with buddha and mona lisa
It's a vacation rental in Sellwood, so named because of its lovely rooftop deck that makes you feel like you're on top of Portland.

I got there about ten on Sunday morning. Started by going on a walk in the neighborhood and down to New Seasons for some provisions. Beautiful neighborhood.

dogwood plus spider

Also quirky.

 At the top, it says, "Please reach behind this sign and take a copy of the poem." The poem is by Paulann Petersen, Poet Laureate of Oregon.

window with hands
Back at the Sellwood Sky, I got myself set up in the sun room with the right writing implements and the right writing foods and got to work.

 The sun room is a great place to work on a novel.
writing on the rooftop

So is the balcony.

So is the rooftop deck.

You can watch squirrels and hummingbirds as you think through your scenes. In the afternoon when you hit your usual lull you can take a nap on the incredibly comfy bed. Or sit on the floor in front of the TV and try to play some video game where you're a wise-cracking pirate tied to the crow's nest - and then give up when you can't figure out how you're supposed to get your hands untied. In the evening you can walk down to Gino's and eat half a huge plate of risotto and take the rest back in a doggy bag.

neighborhood kitty
If you just couldn't figure out what to write and were frustrated and heart-broken and desperate and wanted to seek counsel from god, you could go to this church - or apparently Facebook - although I kept off the internet the whole two days, which probably helped with not ending up unable to figure out what to write in the first place.

Another thing I like about Sellwood Sky? The spiral staircase. [spiral staircase not shown in picture, just implied.]

Another thing I like about Sellwood Sky? This sign.

It was a lovely two days and a lovely place for a writing retreat. You can take a gander at Sellwood Sky here.


  1. Sounds so nice and you are someone who can appreciate all aspects of your surroundings and opportunity. What a find!

  2. Fun. And, gawd, I wish your writing space at home was that tidy and so very aligned!