Tuesday, November 2, 2010

the body show benefit: spotlight on b. frayn masters

Yikes, well, I never expected that one day I would be posting on here about creative - ahem - shaving. But with a theme like food, sex and identity, I had to know that my spotlights for The Body Show Benefit were going to get a little blue. I've seen a public "reading" of the below piece, and it was wildly funny. I think it needs no more introduction than that. As always on these spotlights, the next voice you hear will be Nora Robertson. Giving us a little teaser for the always-hilarious B. Frayn Masters.

Need some advice on how to groom “down there”? Check out some fresh ideas in this illustration from “The Pubic Zone.” Back Fence producer and one half of all-girl comedy duo Eastland Academy, B. Frayn writes for Girls Gone Wild magazine under the name of Cherry Daniels, a 22-year-old co-ed. See if she gets up to similar shenanigans at Wednesday’s:

The Body Show Benefit.

Someday Lounge

door at 7PM, 7:30-9:30PM,

$5-15 donation


  1. Ha! I love the Marge Simpson!! This post reminded me of a story Noni tells.. way back in the 50's when she was going to dye her hair red for the first time, a friend of hers told her.. well, make an extra batch for a snatch to match!