Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Step one: put lunch in rectangular tupperware container.

Step two: find that the plastic top that is shaped just like the container is just a hair too big for that particular container.

Step three: stretch up into the cabinet where you can almost reach the piles of containers and tops and pull out another lid that looks just like the first one.

Step four: it doesn't fit.

Step five: start grabbing down every damn top in the cabinet.

Step six: try even the tiny round ones and the big square ones because you're annoyed and like the universe to know.

Step seven: none of them fit.

Step eight: pull out the rectangular tupperware container that looks exactly like the first tupperware container and dump all the contents of your lunch in there and shove the top on extra hard and stuff all the rest of the plastic pieces back into the cabinet.

Step nine: make a huffing sound.

Step ten: wash the original container and put it back in the cabinet even though nothing fits the damn thing.

Step eleven: get hit on the head with falling tupperware container.


  1. been there, done that. i know the feeling.

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