Wednesday, November 30, 2011

a taste of the frozen moment: LAG

[the book is THE FROZEN MOMENT. the publication date is DECEMBER 17th. here's a little TASTE of one of the stories...]

LAG, by Michael Sage Ricci

Here’s the final word, darlings:

6:15 AM at any major airport is distinctly unglamorous.

I mean really, it’s way too early to be herded through security checkpoints, mad cows in a pen awaiting approval. Now that the world lives in constant fear, security is paramount and I had to sacrifice my beauty sleep to catch my flight on time. Protection has a cost, darlings. Like most economies, the low man on the totem pole is the one that pays the price.

[Michael Sage Ricci writes and tattoos in Portland Oregon. He also teaches with Tom Spanbauer’s Dangerous Writers and has been published in Portland Queer, Death MagazineWhite Crane Journal, RadicalFaeireDigest, Ellipses, and Under A Silver Sky, an anthology of Northwest Poets. He has just finished his first novel: The Resurrection of AquaBoy.]

Sage will be reading along with contributors Tom Spanbauer, Margaret Malone, Charles Dye, Liz Prato, J. W. Griffith and Brad Rosen on December 17th at The Woods. The facebook event is here. Books will be available at the event. You can also order books through Publication Studio here.

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