Sunday, June 8, 2014

random pictures

Once in a while, I clean out my phone of all the accumulated pictures that are languishing in there, and I find all sorts of random photos I shot and then forgot about. Here's what I've found.

Why do people think you can't talk about one without talking about the other?

Moss growing on the inside of a hitching ring at a Portland curb.

All the pillows you can imagine, and he sleeps on my jeans.

Inside a mirrored pyramid.

It's a place for meditation, but I'll bet a lot of people want to take pictures of themselves pretending to be Busby Berkeley girls in there...


When the Marketing Department at work was being renovated, we spent a couple months working inside the cramped conference room. It had no windows and became lovingly referred to as "Windowless-Airless." This is the window I drew on the white board. It stayed up there, un-erased, for about another month after we moved out.

After an ice storm.