Monday, October 12, 2015

a crybaby's guide to moving out

Things that make you cry as you're packing up your life and fixing up a new house and moving out of the apartment where you've lived for ten years:

  • The suggestion that you weed out your grandmother's dishes and only take the ones that aren't chipped.
  • Listening to old Rufus Wainwright CDs as you paint the bedroom and thinking about how much living you've done with this man you met because your aunt once sent you a copy of Poses, and thinking about that poor woman in that song who never fell in love with anyone except for "The Art Teacher."
  • Radiolab.
  • David Sedaris Live at Carnegie Hall - the story about the parrot, the one you used to get tired of hearing because you had it on two different books-on-tape that you used to listen to when you walked around the Pearl District looking for help wanted signs when you first moved in.
  • The poor bug who suffocated in your paint tray.