Sunday, October 4, 2015

a moment in the day: two weeks

It's six o'clock on Friday evening, and I'm off to dump the last of my green tea in the break room sink and put the tea bag in the compost bin so my Powell's coffee cup doesn’t collect a mold forest during the two weeks I’ll be off work. Two weeks for finishing the fix-up on the house, packing up, moving in. Saying goodbye to the apartment where we've lived for ten years.

I've been working late to tie up any loose ends I can think of, and most of the Powell's Industrial Warehouse has gone home for the weekend. As I leave the bright light of the Marketing work space, cup in hand, I find the warehouse dark. There's some light along the rows and rows of bookshelves far off across the huge space, but where I walk, past the lockers and the shipping line, it's dark and quiet and almost eerie. A very different thing from the bustle of the day. Almost lonely.

For a second, I feel like I'm moving out of Powell's. When I'm here next, I think, I'll be coming from... and I almost think home, but then I think, the house.

In the quiet, empty break room, I tilt my cup over the sink, and the dregs of my tea run down the drain.

When I'm here next, I think, and the thought is so strange, I'll finally be calling it home.


  1. Sweet. Yes, strangely, it will be our home....

  2. I have come to love, deeply love, your writing. When you take small moments, such as the one reflected upon, and imbue them with such astute detail and personal candor, it becomes something altogether great. Something large and wonderful to savor.