Sunday, October 25, 2015

a moment in the day: laundry

It's a rainy Saturday morning and laundry day in the new house. I step into the bathroom that looks so unlike the bathroom we bought a month and a half ago. New blue paint where it once was mauve, new vanity, toilet, cabinet, rugs and towels, shower curtain. Even the grate in the floor, new. We've spent a painful amount of money but as I look around, there's something so surprisingly satisfying in knowing we've bought so much. How much we've made this place new and our own.

I stop at the laundry hamper, one old thing in this very new room. The basket is halfway across the house full of curtain supplies, so I figure I might as well just grab the hamper itself and take it downstairs. I heft the thing - it's tall and thin, probably a lot easier to take around the corners down the stairs, actually. Nice not to have to transfer the clothes from one container to another just to take it downstairs. Jeez! Why didn't I ever think of this before!

There's a sound that starts out crackle, quickly moves to crunch and ends a second later in a satisfying crack. And, you guessed it, the bottom of the hamper falls out, spilling my dreams of laundering efficiency all over the floor.

Ah. Well, I guess it's never too late to buy one more thing.


  1. sorry. it sucks. I'm doing laundry too. The house smells good and I like folding the warm stuff the Japanese way (did you ever get that book?)

  2. I like folding too, actually. And the smells and periodically grabbing the fresh, hot laundry and hugging it. I have the book on my list and am going to check it out next time I'm at Powell's. I'm intrigued at finding out what the Japanese way of folding is.