Saturday, August 8, 2009

ah, so, if i write something and save it to my drafts folder and come back to finish it later, it will post under the day i started it. ok. then, for a blogpost on the meaning of the name of my blog, look down a day or two.


  1. lovely flower girl :)
    here's a blogger geek 4 u:
    you can go to the 'edit post' option, even after the post's up (like your flower one from a few days ago)
    go to the post in your list, under edit posts. click the post you want, and at the bottom of the post window you'll see the link: post options. click that and you'll see date and time. you can input your desired date and time and click publish, and the post will republish to today, if that's what you want. if you put in a future day and time and hit publish, usually (sometimes there's a glitch here and there) blogger will show the post as 'scheduled' and it will post at the time you've designated.


  2. and oh girl,

    here's a site for you:
    the human flower project

    so that all the good things bloom...

  3. Thanks for the blogger geek info and thanks for the link! Lovely!