Wednesday, August 5, 2009

you have killed me

I love that I can make a post with that title.

This is the panel for the window display I just put up. Apparently there are a LOT of graphic novelists living in Portland. As writer Jamie S. Rich puts it, "Portland is lousy with comic book creators the way the ocean is lousy with salt." For August, I wanted to highlight some of those writers and illustrators and particularly Jamie and his just-out graphic novel You Have Killed Me.

One thing I particularly like about this book is this great narrative voice that threads through the story. Our hero, Mercer, just tossing out little reminiscences on things that seem completely unrelated to the plot, but they're beautiful metaphors for the way Mercer is feeling. A really unique way to add dimension to the tale and to the character.

It's a great graphic novel and one that I think gives you the feel of noir (and you know I love noir) yet totally does not come off as derivative or trying to be ironic about it.

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