Wednesday, August 12, 2009

my big break

Apparently I'm moving up in the literary world - as proven by the exciting new book Gigi's Big Break. It's number seven in the series Gigi, God's Little Princess.

Yes! I should have known it would turn out that I'm a princess.

I looked on the Powell's website, and apparently there are even Gigi, God's Little Princess dolls! Ooh - if only I'd known that before my 40th birthday party.

Gigi's Big Break isn't on our website yet (maybe it's not yet out), but since this is such a big announcement for me, I'll include a link here to an earlier title, aptly called, Gigi's Hugest Announcement.

Granted, it's not the first time I've been in a book. Back in the nineties, I had a writer friend who wrote a kids' series called Misfits Inc. One of the characters was based on me. Here's the introduction, in the first book, to my biblioganger. You'll see she's a truly dynamic character:

"Although they'd been in class with her all year, hardly anyone spoke to the girl who sat in the very back of the class.

"She had long, stringy blond hair and rarely spoke. She often wore hightop sneakers with her dresses. Sometimes her thick-lensed granny glasses with gold wire frames slipped a bit, and she crinkled her nose in an odd way to shift them back up."

Nah, I was much different from her. My hair was brown.

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  1. HAA!!!!! Oh God I'm gonna have fun reading this!!!!