Saturday, July 16, 2011

new workspaces part two - the ladies who watch over me

One of the lovely outcomes of moving our spaces around in the apartment was the way decorating and redecorating made these spaces our own. I've been known to do my writing anywhere. From the makeshift "desk" in the living room of recent days, to vans and tents and sleeper trucks when I was in the circus. I think in those circus years, I sort of forgot about what nesting can do to you personally and to your art.

When we got all the furniture and accessories settled, Stephen had to do a little nudging, actually, to get me off my tuffet and into the task of nesting in my new area. Together, we put up a few pieces of his art in the room, over the couch and by the joint computer - and he reminded me of a couple prints that in the past I had said I'd someday like to frame and hang.

Once everything was up on the walls, I noticed something. Now when I write, I have a circle of women like muses around me...

The tempestuous Norma

A couple of not-so-tempestuous but quite fashionable ladies of Stephen's creation

The lovely and glamorous Medusa (also of Stephen's creation)

And, ladies and gentlemen, standing behind me and watching over my shoulder, the inimitable Bette Davis.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

new workspaces

Another little show and tell. Recently, Stephen and I moved the rooms around in the apartment so that we both had better places to work. We used to have three desks crammed into the studio. Stephen did his art in there, but it was so claustrophobic that I couldn't write. Plus, I need to work in a separate space from him. Plus my desk was such a mess I couldn't stand it but was too lazy to clean it off... So instead, I would have my computer on the little table in the... living/dining room and work there.

Now Stephen has a bigger art area and I have a little writing area all my own.

Stephen's space. Bay window backdrop. Note the rabbits.

He's made his space pretty.

Here's the view from Stephen's chair. Along with sneak previews of what he's working on...

And here's my new space in back. It's also where the couch went, so maybe that makes it the den. See? I can write or I can take a nap. But, oh man, trying to get that couch in that room...

My desk back by the window. Nice to look out and see sky when I write.

The walls there in my corner. Something extra special about putting up a little art around me. Makes it more my corner. The poster is from when I was a super for the opera Norma.

And this is my view from the desk. The desk, when Stephen took the picture, was still mostly uncluttered...

Thanks to Stephen for being the mastermind, able to work out all the math of what could go where so we could get the best space possible.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

birthday card show-off

Friday was Stephen's birthday. We both worked that day but we had a lovely evening. Including dinner out and champagne with puréed strawberries (from the farmer's market). And the traditional homemade card.

So, here's my show-off of this time around. Because of all that's been going on, I thought I'd go with a New York theme. So here's Lady Liberty by way of Judith and Holofernes...