Monday, October 8, 2012

brave on the page launch day

It's launch day for the book Brave on the Page: Oregon Writers on Craft and the Creative Life. This summer, I was really involved in this project and it was incredibly fun. A lot of that fun was working with the smart and vivacious Laura Stanfill who headed up the project.

The book grew out of the Seven Questions Interview Series over on Laura's popular writing blog and contains Seven Questions interviews along with flash essays about the why, the what, the who, the when, the where and the how of being a writer.

One of the interviews Laura did in her Seven Questions series was with the smart and vivacious Mr. Stephen O'Donnell. He's, of course, known for being an artist, not a writer, but his paintings definitely tell stories. You can check that interview out in the book - or on the blog  here.

For my part, I have a flash essay in the book, and I also was lucky and got to design the cover, along with the logo for Laura's new small press, Forest Avenue Press. I look forward to talking a little more about the fun process of putting that cover together, but for now, here's a rundown of the writers [and artists] featured in the book. In alphabetical order...

Interviews with: Kristy Athens, Jon Bell, Kim Cooper Findling, Sarah Cypher, Duncan Ellis, Michael Gettel-Gilmartin, Shasta Kearns Moore, Lauren Kessler, Matt Love, Stephen O'Donnell, Liz Prato, Scott Sparling, Julia Stoops, Crystal Wood and Yuvi Zalkow.

Flash essays by: Stevan Allred, Brian M. Biggs, Emma Burcart, Steve Denniston, S. B. Elliott, Kristen Forbes, Kate Gray, Dian Greenwood, Robert Hill, Sherri H. Hoffman, Harold L. Johnson, Bart King, Amber Krieger, Christi Krug, me, Mary Milstead, Gina Ochsner, Martha Ragland, Joanna Rose, Nicole Marie Schreiber, Liz Scott, Jackie Shannon Hollis, Laura Stanfill, Tammy Lynne Stoner, Nancy Townsley, Gregg Townsley, and Kristi Wallace Knight.


Brave on the Page is available through any Espresso Book Machine, including the one at Powell's City of Books, and online at You can check out Brave on the Page and Forest Avenue Books here and Laura's fabulous writing blog here.

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