Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011, a year of blessings in pictures


Work. [a couple shots of my new workspace at powell's, which stephen designed.]

 Theater. [imaginary invalid at portland center stage - and miss christine calfas.]

Art. [stephen's show exquisite allegory at winston wächter fine art in seattle.]


Work. [window displays.]

[one flew over the cuckoo's nest - books plus t-shirts plus co-promoting with portland center stage, which was doing the theatrical version.]

[wacky family books, highlighting the new novel drinking closer to home by jessica blau.]

More art [stephen's artist talk at "sweet night" at winston wächter.]

Love. [valentine's day - here are the cards we made each other. first, stephen's to me. then below, mine to him.]


Gifts. [one page out of the scrapbook mary made us.]

More window displays.

[2011 smallpressapalooza.]


[tom spanbauer and margaret malone at hot off the press.]

[with rick j, anatoly molotkov and john sibley williams at spokensong.]

 [with margaret malone, colin farstad and nora robertson [pictured] among others at a night of story and song - note the giant eyeball over my head.]

[with sheila ashdown and megan zabel at workers' writes reading for the third issue of ne'er-do-well literary magazine.]


Art. [stephen at the symposium "the figure in contemporary art" at the tacoma art museum.]

 More readings. [dangerous writers contingent at lidia yuknavich's event for chronology of water at powell's city of books.]

Publication. [my essay "mariel at the tent flaps" in thumbnail magazine.]


[get it? thumbnail?

everything's small?]


Theater. [our quick stint as part of the greek chorus in opera theater oregon's "sordid lives."]
Art. [stephen wins the artists wanted power of self grand prize.]

[i have a small piece in the "pressure and release" art show at local 5's gallery.]


[some readings are bigger than others... with karen munro and susan scott, reading from our pieces in the pacific northwest reader, at the olympia public library.]

 [our audience.]

[ok, it grew by show time... a little...]

Birthday. [my homemade card from stephen.]

Birthday. [this time, stephen's. here's my card to him.]

Fun with good friends.
[dw swarm, plus cymbalman.]

Reorganizing. [we moved the apartment around to give each of us a better studio.]


[and below, stephen's.]


Nicholas! [the day we met him.]

[the day he came to live with us.]




[my card to stephen.]

[stephen's card to me.]


Activity / celebration. [hiking in the gorge with stephen and nicholas.]

[watching vaux swifts at chapman school.]


[richard foreman mini festival.]

[sharing at share.]


Family. [mom and dad come to visit. to see us but mostly to see nicholas.]

[meeting him in the hallway.]

[what the men do while the women are goo-gooing over the doggy.]

Writing [finishing the novel]



[my job.]

[stephen's job.]

[nicholas' job.]


[the frozen moment anthology.]

[editor colin farstad introducing his readers at "a night of story and song" at the woods.]


[nicholas checking out the care package from lulu and pops, finding chew toy and doggy treats.]
[and every year, we watch "a child's christmas in wales."]

[holiday card.]
[so many blessings to be thankful for. and there were lots of other things that happened this year that have no pictures to show for themselves. i suppose i'd have a picture or two to represent new year's eve, if I'd just get off the computer...]

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  1. It made me - so - happy to see all of this. I love you, sweetie. (And I love that cute dog!)